, April 7, 2016

The Flowering of Floreon

floreon present at pitch@palaceThe great bard once wrote “That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet,” a phrase sometimes quoted by modern day detractors of the branding industry to imply that you could pick any name out of a hat for a new brand and it would not affect that brand’s fortunes. Well we beg to differ, Mr Shakespeare!

Before we developed the name for Floreon – and mediated the purchase of the .com domain – it was already a scientific breakthrough in bioplastics, developed through a KTP (Knowledge Transfer Partnership) by CPD plc in conjunction with Sheffield University, but with a working title which can be roughly described as ‘biodegradable and compostable polylactic acid blend to replace polypropylene’. A brilliant idea: fully biodegradable plastic, made from renewable sources, that is tougher than standard fossil fuel based plastics – a rose of an idea! But an idea even William Shakespeare might have struggled to package in a positive way, to investors and target markets, without a brand name.

So what’s in a name? Or what’s in brand name development? Derived from the Latin ‘florens’ and ‘aeon’, the name we developed, Floreon, signifies a new ‘flourishing age’ of sustainable materials. And since its launch the company has indeed flourished; the concept is not only transforming the world of packaging but has been extended into use as a revolutionary 3D printing filament. This spring the company made it to the finals of Pitch@Palace beating hundreds of other biotech companies to get to St James’s Palace and present to judges including the Duke of York. In the photo we see Shaun Chatterton, chief executive of Floreon Transforming Packaging Ltd, presenting at the event.

Of course, it’s also possible that ‘biodegradable and compostable polylactic acid blend to replace polypropylene’ would have successfully transitioned from university laboratory to successful startup without any name development, but we like to think that the flowering of Floreon is in large part down to the memorable name and identity.


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