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Naming and branding agency Grain Creative can help you name a company, business, brand or product. We are a naming and branding agency with a difference, with decades of creative inspiration and strategic insight on our side. We work with big brands and funded startups from across the globe to create the brand leaders of the future.

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Naming is not just about putting together clever prefixes and suffixes. These days, the strength of brand, business or product naming relies heavily on dot com availability and trademark clearance.

Here at Grain we are specialised in naming and branding, with years of experience working closely with trademark lawyers to find the best new name for your company or product with country-specific or international clearance. We then develop the visual identity, messaging and brand guidelines, providing the consistency in follow-through which is hard to find elsewhere.

Tesco came to us for the name development of the FMCG ranges now called Tesco Loves Baby and Pro Formula as well as other projects.

Lucideon, a materials development, testing and assurance group of companies, was previously known as Ceram, born in the ceramics industry in Stoke on Trent.

One of our recent naming and visual identity projects is Floreon, a compostable biopolymer made of renewable resources with a low energy footprint. Floreon will be the next PET, replacing that fossil-fuel based plastic in drinks bottles and any kind of packaging – and potentially anywhere plastic is currently used.

Intana is the new name of the Collinson Group’s assistance offering.

Gloucester Room is a private art gallery with a name matching its exclusivity and members-only positioning.

And JoJoJam is a sports accessories start-up with a name reflecting its dynamism.

Whether our client is a multinational corporation or a small start-up, we use the same rigourous yet creative approach in name generation, making sure that the new name is fit for purpose.

We connect strategy with creativity so your brand will flourish.

Please contact our London office to arrange a chat: or ring +44 ‭20 8187 7040.

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