, May 19, 2016

Branding is Much More Than Great Design

I was recently interviewed by Managing Intellectual Property magazine, one of the leading sources worldwide of news and analysis of all things relating to IP. The interview covered many of the specialist areas where the expertise of branding agencies are important in helping clients avoid the pitfalls they might experience if they try naming and branding development in-house.

It was a good interview and I was able to clearly stress the importance of strategy and the emphasis we put on trademark protection when developing new names and brands. We’re really pleased with the coverage and though the headline “A Designer’s View of Trade Marks” focuses on design, here at Grain we believe that strategy underpins everything.

Great design comes out of rigorous strategy and there is no point to naming and branding development if a brilliant new name or logo can be challenged in the courts. There is much more to branding than great design!


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