, October 12, 2016

Thank you Grain!


I was very happy when the Grain team accepted my application to come to England to do a design internship!
The three months I spent at Grain was a great experience for me and I found their working environment to be both professional and personal. I worked on a lot of great projects and with some reputable clients. At university I hadn’t had the opportunity to work within the education and luxury sectors, so it was a great opportunity to do so and I found it very interesting. The way design is approached within education and luxury is very different to, for example, the approach to designing a poster for a festival. As well as helping me to improve my English, I was also taught a lot of things including developing my sensitivity to the subtleties within design.
I’m now back in France, and Paris is another new experience for me as I come from a small town in the west of Brittany. A lot of changes! I immediately began a new job in a startup as a designer. They have created an international running competition for the company SquadRunner. For the other two days a week, I’m at my school e-artsup studying interactive design. The process of designing structures for people to interact with fascinates me! My objective now will be to combine my speciality as an interactive designer with graphic design, or just design in general.
I would like to say to the Grain team, thank you SO MUCH for my stay with you.



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