, December 16, 2013

Nature Brand Book 2014

With Christmas and 2014 fast approaching, here at Grain we’ve been trying to pin down our new year’s resolutions…along with working on amazing branding and design projects, wrapping up our secret Santa pressies and eating mince pies!

The usual ‘work harder’, ‘do more exercise’ and ‘give up the mid-morning snacks’ (that we’ve come to enjoy so much) have been overshadowed in this year’s list by the inspired urge to JUST GET OUTSIDE. To help us to achieve our new year’s goal to enjoy the outdoors more — alone, with friends, family and loved ones — we thought that the obvious place for us to start would be, of course, to brand Nature. Every venture begins with good branding, doesn’t it?

Taking inspiration from Project Wild Thing and the self-appointed Marketing Director for Nature, David Bond, we have taken an in-depth look at Nature and have created this Brand Book that we know will help us in our quest to get outside more, and we hope it will inspire you as well. If so, go ahead and join Project Wild Thing as an individual or an organisation.

Download the Nature Brand Book PDF here and check out the video too!

Thanks to Anthony Postman for the music.


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