, January 20, 2015

A fresh cup of IB

The client: Newland College in Chalfont St Giles, Buckinghamshire a new independent co-ed secondary school teaching the International Baccalaureate. Grain has been working with Newland College for close to a year on creating the brand from scratch and on creating a dialogue with local parents. Having held several successful Open Days throughout last year supported by different campaign activities, our aim for the beginning of the new year was to get even more people out to the Open Day to meet the amazing Newland College team and to see the wonderful facilities.

After kicking around many ideas and looking at the different media costs we decided to contact local independent coffee shop owners and to offer them Newland College branded paper coffee cups for free. Not easy as it had never been done before but that is what the disruptive quality of the idea is built on. Until now the cups handed out have been brown and generic and the purple stands out and is noticed. People stand with their cups on the platform waiting for a train or sitting on the train having plenty of time to engage with the brand, creating thousands of quality contacts directly and through observers.

The effect: exceeded even the wildest expectations. Low budget campaign with maximum disruptive effect. Commuter trains were flooded with distinctive purple branded paper coffee cups during two weeks in January leading up to Newland College’s Open Day. The campaign captured families using the trains during the tail end of the holiday season and it caught parents commuting into London in their first week back in 2015. Never has a cup of coffee ever tasted so good.

The outcome: 10 times more prospective students and parents attended the January Open Day than the previous ones. Something’s brewing!

Newland College coffee cups


Totally old school


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