, February 27, 2017

Fifteen years of Grain

Grain is now fifteen years old! Last Friday, clients and friends joined us for a celebration in grand style at Soho House’s Apartment. We’re not just celebrating 15 years in business but 15 years of doing what we love: inspiring companies and helping them to be successful.

The party quiz winners are the BEAR team with 17 correct answers. Mandy had 15, David C 14, Virginie S 12, Unknown (backwards tick marks) 11, Al & Ale 9, Patrick G 8, Valeria 7.5, Victoria 7.

Anyone curious about the answers? Here they are!

What was Grain’s original name? Sunny Side Up

Who at this party has Christoph known the longest? Herbert (because Kathrin K wasn’t there)

How many different nationalities are represented here tonight (minimum)? 18

At whose shop did Holger Auffenberg hold a recent exhibit of his needlepoint art? Bella Freud

Which Grain client makes Blistex? DDD

Who has illustrated a Hungarian children’s book? Daniel Barcza

What are the names of the Grain office dogs? Sunny and Rose

Which of the below do Massimo Fenati’s illustrated characters include? Gay penguins, sourdough starter and dead meerkats

Which Grain client is a master yogi? Howard Napper

Who has stood as a LibDem candidate? Drew Durning

What did Madelyn want to be when she grew up? Expert

Name the famous fashion designer for whom Grain recently made a website. Elizabeth Emanuel

Whose first job was as a television presenter? Kent Le (Mandy, you got this one wrong!)

Which person in this room was the fashion designer of a luxury childrenswear collection inspired by the African Fulani tribe? Joanne Jong

Which of Grain’s clients regularly visits schools and nurseries? Moira Wong Orthodontics (so does the Amersham Museum)

Which of Grain’s clients redesigns schools? Bickerdike Allen Partners

What is the furthest place someone here has travelled from today? Vienna

Who at this party has Madelyn known the longest? Virginie Smague

Propertymark is the new name for which organisations? NFOPP, ARLA, NAEA, APIP, ICBA and NAVA

Which two people in this room share a birthday? Chris Parr and Madelyn Postman

What did Christoph want to be when he grew up? Veterinarian

Our senior designer Juli Ferguson designed a perfume at Floris London to commemorate the Queen’s Jubilee. How much did each bottle retail for? £15,000

What were Madelyn’s former agencies called? Vivian Cipolla and Madomat

One of our guests was born in which country? Swaziland

Who was Grain’s first client in 2002? Brunel University


Can luxury products take a no-frills position?


Lambs, Waitrose and confused customers