Naming and branding a landmark development

New Bondway

Grain created the name, identity and website for property developers aiming to build a multi-million pound tower as part of an exciting regeneration project in the heart of London. 

Planning permission was successfully won with the help of the identity which was designed to appeal to the cross-section of people who would inhabit and use this extraordinary building: from high-end apartments and affordable housing to commercial and retail opportunities.

The identity has an air of versatility and understated luxury, which reflects the building’s ability to adapt to different audiences while remaining true to the core values of the development as a whole.

Nine Elms on the South Bank is often regarded as the last piece in the central London jigsaw, creating schools, parks, 16,000 homes and 25,000 jobs.

New Bondway was purchased in 2016 by DAMAC, the Dubai-based property company, who appointed Australia’s Lendlease to build the high rise property, now known as Aykon London One.

As specialists in naming and property branding, we were disappointed that the name and identity New Bondway is no more, but our clients Citygrove and McLaren Property were delighted when planning permission was granted and site was sold for a reported £600m.




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