A clear name and vision for the future


Founded in 1948 as the British Ceramic Research Association, Ceram has changed over the years. Having started out as testing and certification specialists, they’ve become more involved in consultancy – advising clients on materials development, testing and assurance. They’ve also expanded overseas with US-based M+P Labs, formerly part of GE, and CICS (Complete Integrated Certification Services Ltd).

Seeking to consolidate the group, Ceram invited Grain to unify the companies under one new brand, with a new name and identity reflecting the group’s current offering, rather than alluding to its past in ceramics. We created a more accessible, consumer-facing brand. The new name, Lucideon, communicates a clear vision for a new era: ‘lucid’, meaning insight and illumination, and ‘eon’, suggesting a bright future. A new strapline – Insight Creating Advantage – expresses the notion that Lucideon’s expertise can give businesses a genuine competitive edge.

The visual tone of the identity supports the spirit of the new name and strapline, with a fresh, light colour palette establishing a clear, confident tone. The logotype features a notable motif — the ‘E’ has been transformed to resemble measurement marks, referring to one of Lucideon’s brand values: precision.



Transforming packaging


Launch material for the leading chipset brand