Branding a rental platform for luxury goods, operating in the circular economy

Catwalk Club

Founded in 2018, Catwalk Club is a London-based brand that offers luxury fashion rentals, starting with handbags, through an online platform. Catwalk Club offers their customers the opportunity to affordably hire prestigious handbags.

Sustainable consumption and the circular economy are at the core of the Catwalk Club brand. The handbags the clients rent add a special touch to their ensembles, and they feel joyful and confident knowing that they look amazing whilst contributing to a sustainable and affordable sharing economy. Clients receive a concierge level of service at accessible prices.


The challenge

To create a sustainable, luxury fashion brand operating in the circular economy.


The solution

Working closely with the business from the start, even challenging assumptions in the business plan, we analysed the competitive landscape and developed a comprehensive brand strategy, giving the brand the foundations for all future work including the name, brand identity, communications and website. This first step in the branding process ensures that the brand’s personality is clear and consistent across all brand touchpoints and relevant for the competitive environment.

The name Catwalk Club was the result of our in-depth naming process following the brand strategy. The name communicates an exclusive luxury fashion destination where people join together for a common purpose. With the final trademarked name in hand, we developed the visual identity and provided art direction for illustrations to set the brand apart from the crowd.

We designed and managed the production of branded materials, including bespoke packaging to enhance the customer experience, provide optimum protection for the product through the delivery process, and align with the brand’s core values of sustainability. The development of further visual and communication assets, such as bespoke patterns and powerful straplines, have helped the brand’s growth and raise brand awareness following the successful online launch.



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