, June 9, 2017

TEDxLondon in haiku

“Throw those curtains wide.
One day like this a year will
See me right,” we sing.

Hugh Montgomery
The Earth will survive
But we, foolish humankind
Have hit self-destruct.

Emily Milan Rea
Iron willed teenager
Leaves behind a hundred no’s
To find the one yes.

Ndidi Okezie
Teach First: achieving
equality for children
in education.

Shapla Salique
Harmonium and guitar,
Vocals, folk and jazz.

Ravi Gurumurthy
What refugees want?
Not handouts, but to work and
live like you and me.

Richard G Smith
Night shot of Europe
Shows not countries but cities
The real power’s there.

Catherine Edsell
No babysitter;
Matriarchs, elephants and
sisterhood are found.

Abbie Hutty
Hidden introvert
With imposter syndrome or –
Is she the real thing?

Tamsin Waley-Cohen
Through the music’s score,
The composer is unlocked.
Question, rehearse, play!

Matthew Shribman
On stage, in the bath
The right people’s confidence
Can help win a war.

Jaspreet Kaur
“Glowing exit sign
Flickering at the edge of
my eye” – she lives on.

John Sutherland
Locard’s Principle:
Every contact leaves a trace –
Human ones are deep.

Anderson and Low
Chrysalis: new world.
Manga Dreams: reality?
Voyages: in mist.

Robbie Stamp
Crashing waves of grief
Build wooden bridges between
Islands of respite.

Reverie – Robbie Jacobs
David, Avshalom.
Dissonance and consonance.
My son: I lost you.

Jack Martindale
One night, one crashed car.
Two lives taken, Jack’s life changed.
And he’s still laughing.

Emma Lawton
Shaking, Parkinsons.
Shaking it off! Bold and brave.
Shimmering, juggling.

Ozwald Boateng
Best dressed teenager
Follows his dad on the stage
Confidence beyond just me.

Vanessa Van Edwards
We are contagious,
Our emotions spreading wide.
Optimism rules.


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