, November 30, 2017

The Rhyme and Reason of Naming

Naming brands, whether company, service or product, is not an every day part of the marketing mix. Most companies and brands only do it once and established companies don’t have to think about it much unless they are part of a merger or an acquisition.

With start-ups being the new way and only about 1 in 10 startups succeeding, a lot of new companies are looking for the perfect name to succeed with their business ambition. While it often is not top of the list next to MVP, it becomes sooner or later a necessity to deal with and more professional startups have it firmly in their aim. Some are looking for experienced help but some enjoy being immersed in the creative process themselves. As a creative agency we cannot blame them.

Grain, a top naming agency, is passionate about naming brands and in that spirit we put together the infographic below which looks at the current brand landscape as well as some pointers for the process. Have fun or come to us and we’ll have the fun together.

And of course sometimes a name has to take into account the limitations of modern digital marketing methods. For example CBD oil brands are finding that Google Bing and Facebook will not carry their advertising. Change the name to Hemp Extract and it suddenly finds a way past those limitations!


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