, September 14, 2016

Grain Creative: Autumn Harvest ?

Autumn is on its way and we’ve been harvesting a few of our recent news updates to share with you. We have the launch of a new group of colleges, a new fashion brand, a brochure for an international school and lots more to share from Grain HQ.¬†

In case you already have next year’s paper diary to hand, or more likely in your Apple or Google calendars, please note February 24th, 2017 in London for Grain’s 15th Birthday Bash. You’re all invited! Look out for details in our next newsletter around the end of the year.

We’re delighted to announce the launch of a new group of colleges in London!¬†London South East Colleges is the new group name for Bromley College of Further and Higher Education, Greenwich Community College and¬†Bexley College.

We developed their new brand strategy and created their visual identity that is being rolled out across the colleges as we speak. Read more here.


You may remember in our last email that we were giving away 2 tickets to the Chelsea Flower Show. Our lucky winner was Christine Samuelian from PR agency Friends & Co. Christine and had a great day out, picking up some gardening tips along the way. Congratulations Christine!


We’ve always loved working with SKOLA Group and this time has been no different. We’ve just created their 2017 brochure of English Courses for Children & Parents. It highlights SKOLA’s offering which enables both parents and children to learn English in the heart of London.


We’re very excited to let you know that one of our lovely clients, Eikonik, has launched onto the market in style.¬†Eikonik¬†is a¬†new brand of bandage dresses¬†focusing on the European market.

We’ve been working with the Eikonik team to develop their brand identity.



Did you know that we support One Percent for the Planet? We’re one of 1200 member business who have pledged to give 1% of our revenue to to help drive positive change for the climate and ecosystem. We support two charities: the first is TRAID which works¬†to stop clothes from being thrown away; the second is the¬†Marine Conservation Society,¬†committed to caring¬†for our seas, shores and marine wildlife. Read more about One Percent for the Planet¬†and the two¬†charities.



This is the first in a series of branding tips from the experts here at Grain which are essential for you to keep in mind whilst developing your brand. Whether your new venture is service related, a new product or range of products, you must identify who, why and where your customers are. Everything that you do from this moment on will need to be masterfully tailored to their desires and needs to ensure your brand has the very best chance of success. Find out more about how this can be achieved.



Do you know anybody who is looking for an exceptional branding, design and marketing agency to help them drive their companies forward? With our expertise in naming, branding, print and digital design, along with our exceptional skills in social media and online marketing, creating and delivering successful creative campaigns, we are the full-service agency that might just be the perfect fit for them. Check out some of our recent work to see for yourself!



There‚Äôs nothing quite like having a dog (or two!) around the office to lift your spirits and make you smile. We‚Äôre lucky here at Grain to have two perfect pooches in our team, Sunny¬†and Rose. They’re not often in the office together (they have very busy diaries these days), but when they are, they let everyone know about it. You‚Äôd almost think they were from the same litter they love each other so much! Both at¬†15 months, they’re coming out of the¬†exuberant adolescent¬†stage and¬†they‚Äôre excelling at their training. The proof: here’s Rose mastering her ‚Äúleave it‚ÄĚ command, i.e. not taking the biscuit.



Everyone loves a good ol’ day out of the office with their colleagues, a bite to eat and perhaps an exhibition. Our team days out are brilliant fun and we always try¬†to mix it up with the weird, wonderful and inspired,¬†whether that’s¬†a 3D printing workshop or an Alexander McQueen show. This year’s outing for the¬†Grain dream team was full of surprises and inspiration.¬†We visited¬†Undressed: A Brief History of Underwear¬†at the V&A, followed by a challenge to find something ‘unexpected’ around London (not hard!) and topped off with pitch-black dining at Dans Le Noir. You must watch the video¬†here!

As always it was great to catch up and we hope you have a fulfilling autumn. Watch this space for lots of exciting news that we have up our sleeves and of course to keep up with our branding tips. If you want to know about any more about any of the services we offer, or if you just fancy a chat, then give us a call. Looking forward to speaking soon.

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