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Digital marketing can appear to be a whirl Digital marketing agency London. Strategy working with creativity for successful branding of new buzzwords: design thinking, continuous brand reinvention, programmatic advertising, enhanced bidding, multi-touch attribution and social media metrics that include “reactions by sentiment” are just a few examples of terms that can challenge even the most conscientious brand manager.

At Grain we keep it simple, we focus on your brand and your target markets and help you to develop a brand, a website and a digital marketing campaign that provides real competitive advantage in the digital era.

But keeping it simple doesn’t mean we aren’t thorough. We interrogate your market, your competitors and your existing research. We question your brand’s current position, your current strategy and if necessary, we initiate further research to build a detailed situational analysis.

Strategy guides creativity

Developing or revising a brand position is a delicate blend of strategy and creativity. An overemphasis on a rigid strategy can kill creativity, while unfettered creativity can blow the strategy apart.Our aim is to create a brand that is perfectly placed to maximise the market opportunity and positioned for success.

Brand position defines all aspects of marketing

We don’t just reposition your brand with a new logo and brand manual. We help you shape its future direction across the digital marketing mix. We then redefine your strategic communications platform for the 21st century. We take the core brand values and your target market’s brand perceptions and create a messaging hierarchy that translates into a marketing communications plan which will successfully build your brand collaboratively with your target markets.

On the way we might talk about some of the concepts outlined above; if the brand strategy calls for them. And when we do, we’ll make sure you clearly understand the implications for your brand, your target markets and your budget.

Tomorrow’s Brand Leaders

At Grain we don’t just position or reposition your brand for today; we help you build the strategic and creative framework that creates a brand leader of the future. We’re conveniently located right by Marylebone Station in central London, contact us to find out more.

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