When Tesco started looking for a name for their brand new hair, body and beauty range, they came to the experts — Grain. Scientifically developed to guarantee real performance, this premium range caters to different hair and skin types and includes everything from hair care and styling to shaving products and deodorants. In short, Pro Formula is to their health and beauty offer what Tesco Finest is to their food.

Working with the team at Tesco, we came up with Pro Formula. By unifying what used to be an eclectic product offering, the name gives the range a competitive edge whilst retaining harmony with the Tesco brand and its many other sub-brands. Pro Formula has a feel good factor, but also a scientific quality that communicates the integrity of the range without compromising its appeal as a premium, yet affordable FMCG range.

Feeling good and looking good isn’t just for grown ups: alongside the Pro Formula project we were working on the name for the baby and toddler range. Tesco wanted to move forward from their previous name, Tesco Baby & Toddler, whilst maintaining recognition of the range. We created the name Tesco Loves Baby.

Tesco Loves Baby is a brand that feels warmer and more personal than its predecessor, while clearly conveying what the products provide. The new range is now fully rolled out in Tesco and includes wipes, nappies, toiletries and feeding products. For bigger little ones the range has now expanded to Tesco Loves Toddler.