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British Airways

When British Airways invited us to develop concepts for short-haul flight food packaging, we were faced with several challenges. The packaging had to be effective and 100% recyclable, with a coherent look-and-feel expressing quality and freshness. Issued by BA’s catering providers, LSG Sky Chefs, the brief called for a family of recyclable food containers for a range of cold finger foods unified by the new BA Café sub-brand.

With the range encompassing everything from paper cups to snack pods and finger food tubs, we simplified packaging materials into a ‘mono-material’ range encompassing paper, card and cellulose-based materials. A leaf-green colour palette reflects the brand’s dedication to freshness and the environment, while a series of food-related quotes from quintessentially British figures celebrates BA’s ‘flag carrier’ status.

Despite delivering a successful ‘turnkey’ solution, implementation was prevented due to recycling challenges posed by BA’s current catering infrastructure. However, the project remains inspiring for its synergy of 2D graphics and 3D forms, demonstrating how a strong idea creates packaging that is both functional and engaging.