A name and identity in sustainability


Driven by a desire to develop more sustainable materials, CPD plc – a leading UK supplier of cleaning and hygiene products – undertook a three-year research project with the University of Sheffield. The result: a fully compostable, biodegradable plastic suited to a wide range of packaging applications. To establish market presence for the new biopolymer, CPD commissioned Grain to create a name and brand identity.

Having developed a shortlist of names with international trademark and domain name availability, the client selected Floreon. Derived from the Latin ‘florens’ and ‘aeon’, it signifies a new ‘flourishing age’ of sustainable materials and is supported by the strapline ‘Transforming Packaging’. Four key image attributes – inspiring, sustainable, wholesome, sturdy – guided our approach to design and enabled us to craft a clear, elegant and direct identity. To build brand recognition with corporate and consumer audiences, we created a distinctive ‘F’ kitemark for application across print and, more importantly, on any bottles and containers employing the new product.

“Thanks to Grain and their creative talents, Floreon can become a commercial success and change the way we think about plastics and packaging,” said Shaun Chatterton, CEO, CPD plc at the launch event.

Since its initial launch to an investor audience in the City of London, Floreon has developed a reputation as a transformational material with a brand that resonates. The brand is now a major innovator in the digital 3D printing market with a PLA (bioplastic polylactic acid), which is much tougher and easier to process than current materials. The Floreon product range has the potential to massively expand the use of bioplastics and replace other crude oil based plastic derivatives.

Recognition of the company’s potential for rapid growth was achieved when they made it to the 2016 final of Pitch@Palace, successfully beating many other entrepreneurial and innovative companies to present its range to a panel of judges including the Duke of York.



A clear name and vision for the future


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