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A skyline or a kitchen shop?

by Sam, July 9th 2014 London property naming

One of the most important times to get branding and naming right, to make sure it’s effective and well strategised, is in property branding. Here at Grain this has become one of our specialties. Branding and naming is as important in property, if not more so, as it is for other products and businesses. Recently we’ve seen some of London’s most iconic buildings fall victim…

Grain names the Collinson Group’s newly created assistance and claims division – Intana

by Kent, July 4th 2014 Grain-Intana-wordmark large

Following our extensive brand strategy project for the Collinson Group we have developed the name for their new assistance and claims division. The Collinson Group is a global leader in shaping and influencing customer behaviour to drive revenue and add value for their clients. Concluding from the strategic review of the group brand, assistance has become one of the four areas of expertise together with…

Livingstone School – a new free school for the digital age

by Sam, July 2nd 2014 Grain-Livingstone-1200

Have you ever heard of the Games Workshop? How about Dungeons & Dragons? At Grain we are thrilled to be able to work with the co-founder of these iconic titles. A true pioneer of the UK games industry – Ian Livingstone CBE, one of the founding fathers of the UK games industry. Stereotypically the world of gaming and entertainment doesn’t often neighbour that of education.…

Brand strategy review for the next 20 years of growth – Collinson Group

by Christoph, July 1st 2014 Grain-Collinson-1200x315

The Collinson Group has had a remarkable period of growth over the last 20 years and no intentions to change that. Quite the opposite, the target for the next 5 years has been set high. The group has grown organically and through strategic acquisitions and to facilitate the ambitious growth target, the group wanted to fine tune their brand communication to provide the right foundation…

From design student to design professional: how I have polished my skills at Grain

by Sam, July 1st 2014 sam strudwick

I am a designer at Grain and just finished my BA (Hons) in Graphic Design at the University of East London. I’d like to share my views on what it’s like to work in the design industry and how Grain is helping me build up my skills and experience in the profession. What may have been the quickest three years of my life have now…

TEDx Houses of Parliament

by Kent, June 30th 2014 TEDxHousesofParliament

Last Friday, the Grain team and clients attended TEDx Houses of Parliament. Our biggest take-home from this incredibly inspirational event is the passion for what we do, and believing in ourselves. Speakers ranged from entrepreneur Sherry Coutu with her stories on how she started her first start up business to inspiring the next generation of entrepreneurs, to citizen journalist Meera Vijayann working towards leveraging digital…

My week at Grain Creative

by Madelyn, June 20th 2014 branding mind map

From Fraser Brydon: After the completion of my GCSE’s at Dr Challoner’s, it was time for work experience and where better to enjoy a week of learning than at Grain. Although having learned about Grain for a brief day last summer, I decided it was time to renew my interest and learn more about the people and processes behind Grain’s successful branding and design. Firstly,…

The importance of branding

by Madelyn, June 20th 2014

Fraser Brydon, who is carrying out a work placement with us this week, has written about ‘The Importance of Branding': • Branding establishes a relationship between the company and the customer through the product. Successful branding of a well-perceived product creates loyalty to the company. This means that the customer is more likely to pursue another product offered by the company as either a replacement…

Grain team: chocolate cake eaters

by Madelyn, June 16th 2014 Grain-team

Most of the team is in today and we had a bit too much chocolate cake to celebrate Sam’s BA in Graphic Design from the University of East London, James’s completion of his IT course at Amersham & Wycombe College, and our work experience Fraser’s GCSEs. All of this led to some silly photo taking!

Newland College opens today

by Christoph, June 7th 2014 20140605_143103_resized

We simply cannot stop talking about them. You already heard about Newland College when we announced the launch of its website. But now we are another step closer to the dream that kids from the age of 12 years upwards can enjoy this fantastic new school. Grain has created the identity, website, uniforms and now the signage and interiors for this ground breaking school. Tomorrow…

The latest coffee shop in London

by Christoph, June 1st 2014 coffee shop Kin

Does London have enough coffee shops nowadays? Maybe. Does London have enough exquisite coffee shops? Certainly not. Competition is getting pretty tough though. This is why our friends Sarah and Charlie came to us to ask for some help to create their new coffee shop. Grain helped shaping the new brand experience and creating a strategy which allows the team to roll out the very…

When brand loyalty becomes a thing of the past

by Kent, May 29th 2014

A recent article in The New Yorker has reminded us of how fragile brands are nowadays. Journalist James Surowiecki starts the article talking about the PR disaster of Lululemon Athletica. Once praised “They’re more than apparel. They’re a life style,” Lululemon Athletica’s reputation went downhill when people found out the quality of their products were not as good as claimed; and the founder, instead of…

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