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Branding is Much More Than Great Design

by Madelyn, May 19th 2016 Branding is more than design

I was recently interviewed by Managing Intellectual Property magazine, one of the leading sources worldwide of news and analysis of all things relating to IP. The interview covered many of the specialist areas where the expertise of branding agencies are important in helping clients avoid the pitfalls they might experience if they try naming and branding development in-house. It was a good interview and I was…

Grain Creative: Growing Brands

by Juli, May 17th 2016 Flower

Spring has sprung and summer is well on its way. A lot has happened since February 29th, when we were in touch last, and we’re itching to tell you all about what we’ve been up to. This time we also have a free giveaway that’s just perfect to get you in the summer mindset! Win two tickets to the Chelsea Flower Show! We love growing brands and we…

The Power of One

by Madelyn, May 12th 2016 1% for the Planet

Why we support One Percent for the Planet Most people now understand that the climate and ecosystem of our beautiful big blue planet is threatened by the activities of humankind. Greenhouse gases, together with other forms of pollution and the over-exploitation of precious resources, combine to create a perfect storm of threats to the lives of our descendants and the planet’s future. When faced with…

It’s Loopy to Ignore Trademark Protection

by Drew, May 9th 2016 Hyperloop One Rebrand

The synergies of naming, branding and trademark protection There’s a political adage that you should bury bad news on a big news day. You have to wonder if the rebranding of Hyperloop Technologies to Hyperloop One took advantage of this maxim. The big news was that Hyperloop One were going to test their levitating electromagnetic propulsion system the next day. This is potentially the transportation…

Fashion Entrepreneurship Roundtable at University of East London

by Madelyn, April 29th 2016 12787493_1045730112154174_764142673_o

UEL recently hosted a Roundtable on Fashion Entrepreneurship as part of their Fashion & Textile Symposium 2016. I was honoured to be invited as a member of the roundtable and pleased to see a healthy attendance of about a hundred students and lecturers, including the Dean of the School of Arts & Digital Industries, Professor Simon Robertshaw. The link between the four of us on the roundtable is…

Adaptable Branding for the Digital Age?

by Drew, April 15th 2016 IBMs loop of restless reinvention 400

The answer is not blowing in the wind! A recent article by Rebecca Coleman explains why brands in the digital age are forever in Beta mode. Rather than creating a rigid brand manual based on a fixed brand position you use the opportunities afforded by the digital age to allow consumer interactions to help constantly evolve and refine the brand. IBM, expanding on the concept of “design thinking”, talks…

The golden thread of Brand in fashion

by Madelyn, April 13th 2016 petit-tribe-wintour

After attending the Westminster Media Forum seminar “The UK fashion industry – digital strategies, IP, international competitiveness and policy priorities,” I had the opportunity to contribute an article for the delegates and policymakers in Westminster, Whitehall and Brussels. “Brand is the number one driver (or barrier) to purchase in the fashion industry.” – Richard Danks, Head of Strategy, Portas Agency, at the seminar. The golden thread…

The Flowering of Floreon

by Drew, April 7th 2016 floreon branding project

The great bard once wrote “That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet,” a phrase sometimes quoted by modern day detractors of the branding industry to imply that you could pick any name out of a hat for a new brand and it would not affect that brand’s fortunes. Well we beg to differ, Mr Shakespeare! Before we developed…

Branding in Education: how can universities brand effectively when heading to Asia?

by Guest, April 4th 2016 library-1147815_640

Over the years, more and more educational institutions have attempted to enter the Asian market. Some are hugely successful. Some lost millions. What are the X-factors leading to success? “It’s all about good branding!” says Asian region project manager for BMI education company, Kew Pham. Leading a successful fair for more than 30 education companies and universities from all over the world, this month Kew…

Kalayci London & Kaytie Wu shone at Pure Trade Show London

by Kent, March 22nd 2016 Kalyci-at-Pure-4-1200x900

Two beloved fashion clients of ours had their exhibitions at the Pure trade show this year at Kensington Olympia. We thought it’d be a great chance to catch up with them and say hello. Turned out they were extremely busy answering lots of queries and we were also pleased to hear that everyone was very impressed with our clients’ branding. It’s always exciting and refreshing when…

U Must be Joking: Uber and the Metrics of Rebranding

by Drew, March 11th 2016 Uber Before U and After

In a perfect world most companies would never need to rebrand because they got it so comprehensively right first time. The logo, colours and typefaces would start out fresh and exciting – the epitome of the new brand’s values – and by the end of the brand’s life they would be classic icons where the brand’s look and feel has become the generic of their…

When naming a brand, make sure it’s pronounceable!

by Hannah, March 7th 2016 savse

Savse: how would you pronounce this? ‘Sav-say’ or ‘sav-see’ or ‘saves’? This nutritious and tasty drinks brand has spent quite a lot of money to clarify exactly this. Not only is it a waste of their time, money and effort when they should be focusing on promoting the brand, it also creates confusion. On this billboard, the pronunciation guide ‘sav-say’ is actually larger than the brand name Savse!…

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