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The Virtuous Circles and Vicious Cycles of Brand Culture

by Drew, February 19th 2016 SLS_AMG_Electric_Drive

In a perfect world, brand identity and brand culture would be close to identical. But we live in a world that is far from perfect! Where we live, banks sell PPI to people who can’t claim, insurance companies charge existing customers more than new ones, supermarkets trick their customers with BOGOF deals rather than everyday low prices, food companies encourage the purchase of “healthy” all…

Valentine’s Day: No Romantic Roses – Just Sex Please

by Drew, February 5th 2016 durex

Durex have used their Valentine’s campaign to attack the boring clichés linked to this annual event. They’ve created a new commercial which shows a couple mowing down a field of roses and then crashing into each other in a frenzy of excitement. Durex claim the creative approach comes out of research which found that 49 per cent of Brits do not look forward to Valentine’s…

What is the true cost of fashion?

by Kent, January 29th 2016 truecost

Have you ever wondered why clothes are now a lot more affordable than before? Why more collections are constantly introduced to the market, breaking the previous two season per year pace? We all want nicer clothes for less, but how cheap can it get and who really pays the price for our clothing? Andrew Morgan’s new documentary The True Cost explores the devastating environmental and social effects of the…

Coca Cola: One Brand to Rule Them All

by Drew, January 25th 2016 Coca Cola One Brand Logo

At a conference in Paris this week, Coca Cola’s CMO, Marcos de Quinto, explained why the company was changing its global strategy to market all its products under “One Brand” and how that will help Coca-Cola boost sales amid growing health concerns across the world about sweet drinks. His rationale is that the previous sub-brand strategy, where for example Diet Coke was marketed to sophisticated…

Grain Creative: success story for Redbooth project management

by Kent, January 15th 2016 christoph geppert

Grain was recently invited to be featured as a Redbooth project management success story. The filming was great fun and it was a good opportunity to reflect on our growth and success. Christoph Geppert during the interview It all started more than a year ago when we were winning more projects, which were more complex and on a larger scale than previously. We were at a crossroads, deciding…

How to master the art of communication and influence people

by Kent, January 5th 2016 1

To keep all of us all focused, happy and creative at work, our directors Christoph and Madelyn regularly organise fun and inspirational activities like going to TEDx or the Alexander McQueen exhibition. The most recent team event, a bespoke Presentation Skills Workshop organised by Partners With You, took on more of a training focus and was actually the one I enjoyed most. At first, I was unsure of what…

Merry Christmas and Happy 2016!

by Rosalind, December 23rd 2015 Grain-Creative-Christmas-2015

Rose and Sunny, yet again, are demonstrating what it really means to be a creative – getting entangled in the fairy light chain and being bouncy amongst the baubles: they are not afraid of experimenting, getting ‘stuck in’ and working unusual hours. Looking forward to a very creative 2016, woof woof!

Grain’s creative director Madelyn Postman speaks at Innovation Seminar in China

by Kent, December 17th 2015 innovation1

It has been a great year for Grain from being invited to guest lecture at several universities to leading industry talks. Most recently, our Creative Director Madelyn Postman was invited to join local industrial design and ecommerce professionals to speak at the Industrial Innovation Seminar in Zhongshan, China. Madelyn Postman leading the talk. With more than 200 business leaders from the region attending, the seminar focused…

Catch you later, Grain

by Rosalind, December 16th 2015 Roz-202x202

Adios, amigos! I haven’t been at Grain for nearly as long as I would have liked, but I can safely say that even from day one I was made to feel part of a fantastic creative team, and have also had the chance to work on some really fab projects. It’s back to school for me, to study Production Design at the National Film and…

Grain Creative at the 2015 Media Innovation Awards

by Kent, December 1st 2015 presentation

On 26th November, leaders in the creative industries travelled to Plymouth from across the country to find out the winners of the Media Innovation Awards. Our creative director Christoph Geppert joined the judging panel this year and announced some of the well deserved winners on the night. The 2015 Media Innovation Award winners Animation Together for Short Lives produced by Hurricane Media App War of…

A Brand New Alphabet

by Drew, November 17th 2015 g-is-for-google

Back in August Google rebranded itself as “Alphabet”. Well that’s how the media covered the story. In reality the Google brand is alive and kicking out a hundred billion search results every month, looking pretty much like it has done for many years. The Google brand identity is intact and as well protected as any brand with revenue of $66bn per year should be. It…

Louis Vuitton Series 3 Exhibition: How luxury becomes a fine art

by Kent, November 11th 2015 lv8

London was the destination for the unconventional exhibition “Louis Vuitton Series 3” last month. Our PR executive Kent Le had so much to talk about after the trip! A modern and unexpected reinterpretation of a fashion show, the exhibition, following on from Series 1 and Series 2, invited visitors to discover Nicolas Ghesquière’s inspirations for the Fall 2015 women’s show as the Artistic Director for women’s…

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