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Suvi Ainoa

A bright cheerful look for an online clothing and lifestyle brand

Suvi Ainoa

Appealing to “big and little people”, Suvi Ainoa is a California-based retail site offering high quality clothing and homeware. Committed to style and sustainability, Suvi Ainoa stock bespoke products designed in-house alongside products sourced from leading suppliers, and artists in Finland and China, where the founders hail from.

When Suvi Ainoa invited Grain to design its identity, we drew inspiration from the name: in Finnish, ‘Suvi’ means summer (it’s also a girl’s name) while ‘Ainoa’ means ‘the only one’. Supported by a lowercase logotype, the warm colour palette creates a friendly tone. The circular symbol recalls a mother and child, reflecting the nurturing values of the brand.

Online retail often loses the attention to detail sought after by high-end retailers, but it doesn’t have to be so. Having created a wax seal and ribbon for Suvi Ainoa’s packaging, we also employed it on the Suvi Ainoa ecommerce website – which we designed and developed on the Big Cartel platform – to bring a hands-on, crafted quality to their online experience.