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Iconic Brand Creation

Spring Bank

Branding a new breed of community bank

Spring Bank Bronx Branch

Spring Bank Harlem Branch

Prepare to challenge your preconceptions about banking. Spring Bank is a bank with heart and soul. It’s a business, so yes, it aims to make a profit, but it’s not their only objective. Spring Bank serves ‘underbanked’ individuals in New York communities marginalised by profit-hungry mainstream banks.

Previously, locals in areas like the Bronx were forced to pay high fees to cash cheques. Spring Bank changed all that, allowing individuals, small businesses and local entrepreneurs to open checking and savings accounts without the minimum balances and high fees imposed by many other banks. Following its success in the Bronx, Spring Bank opened a second branch in Harlem in December 2012. NBC New York covered the story.

Invited to design its visual identity and the launch website – Grain began by defining the bank’s values: professional, local, inclusive and ethical. We then designed a logo that breaks the corporate mould, the sprouting form of a young plant representing Spring Bank’s desire to nurture growth and establish roots.

“We’re happy with everything about the final product: an entirely new image for our bank. Everything from the logo, to branch signage and interiors, to our stunning launch website communicates that we are something new in banking.”  – Brian Blake, Vice President