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Iconic Brand Creation

Sony Playstation

Launching a new dimension in gaming

The launch of a new games console is always big news, so when it came to launching their new PlayStation 3 console, Sony sought to announce its arrival with a bang. To achieve the required fanfare, we worked with Sony to design a memorable environment where they could present the new console to press, peers and selected customers.

We developed a unique experience that would appeal to Sony’s diverse consumer-base while striking a particular chord with the archetypal ‘gamer’. Working with Tom Dixon, we created a concept based on a gamer’s ideal loft space, with different zones and personalities celebrating the diversity of Sony’s audience.

At the heart of the loft we created a living kitchen with a large communal dining table, with meeting zones, screening areas, gaming pits, sofas and custom gaming stations allowing visitors to choose their ideal personal zone. Scattered throughout, eclectic objects gave the space a more authentic, lived-in quality. The experience was topped off, literally, with a bar and cinema on the upper floor, catering for all kinds of events.