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Bringing excellence and comfort to long-haul flights

Launched in 2007, the Airbus A380 is the world’s largest commercial airliner. Among the first airlines to order the aircraft, Qantas used the interior design of its new A380 fleet to reinforce a longstanding commitment to passenger comfort. Working with Marc Newson, Grain was part of the core team that designed all aspects of cabin environments for Economy, Business and First Class. To create a seamless brand experience, we focused on a combination of revolutionary concepts and close attention to detail. We designed new seats for all four classes, redesigned galleys and lavatories, and specified a fully coordinated trim and finish scheme. Taking the flight experience beyond the seat, we introduced self-service bars and social areas with comfortable sofas, creating a ‘hotel in the air’ where long-haul passengers have easy access to everything they need.

Thanks to their investment in design, Qantas has a competitive advantage on its long-haul routes. Since its maiden flight from Melbourne to LA in 2008, the Qantas A380 has proved extraordinarily successful, with its customised environment creating an enhanced flight experience across all classes.