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Packaging inspired by the elegance of Asian paper folding

Oyuna gift box packaging

Oyuna press kit

Luxury cashmere brand Oyuna has strong ties with Mongolia: one of the world’s most ancient cashmere sources, Mongolia is also the birthplace of Creative Director Oyuna Tserendorj, who founded the company in 2002. Oyuna strives to free cashmere from the conservative shackles of traditional European design while embracing the creative spirit of her adopted home, London. From multi-purpose travel blankets to seasonal womenswear and accessories, Oyuna products reflect a progressive design ethos, exploring a “nomadic sense of adventure” to create a “softly-rendered luxury forged for a hard-wearing lifestyle.”

Each Oyuna garment is exquisitely designed and manufactured, so when they asked Grain to design a gift box for the Japanese market we chose to accentuate this exceptional quality by creating a sense of drama. Inspired by the elegance and creativity of Japanese packaging, for example as seen in the book How to Wrap 5 Eggs our design creates an appropriately theatrical ‘reveal’. Having completed the gift box, Oyuna asked us to design their new press kit. We created a functional yet memorable folder employing similar folding techniques and the same paper stock as the gift box.