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Newland College

Building a brand for a new independent school

Newland College Website

Newland College prospectus

Newland College March advertising campaign - Paper cups for local coffee shops

Newland College minibus vinyl wrap design

Newland College May advertising campaign - Flyers for local distribution

Newland College

Newland College uniforms

Newland College advertising campaign - Telegraph ads

Newland College advertising campaign - Advan

Newland College advertising campaign - Train station barriers

Newland College January advertising campaign - Paper cups for local coffee shops

Newland College March advertising campaign - Train Station poster

Newland College March advertising campaign - Train Station poster

Main entrance sign


Graphic flooring everywhere

The theatre

Art room in waiting

Science room

IT suite

The Library in the making

Room signage

Front entrance signage

Quarter page magazine advertisement

Half page magazine 'Open Days' Advertisement

Set in the Chilterns only 45 minutes from central London, Newland College offers the International Baccalaureate Programme for 12-17 year olds. Impressed by our work for the International Community School (ICS), the SKOLA Group of Schools invited us to create a name, identity, website, environments and apparel.

Newland College started life as a candidate school, so the identity had to be cost-effective while appealing to parents willing to spend £30K a year on their child’s education. A contemporary typeface, regal colours and shield motif recall time-honoured traditions whilst indicating a forward-thinking attitude. The website emphasises the school’s fantastic location through imagery, with a cost-effective WordPress content management system making it easier to update in-house.

Having created the identity and website, we continued to work with the school on a range of projects. These include a fresh take on school uniforms and a new lease of life for the school’s interiors – a cost-effective solution using graphic carpets and coloured chairs to create an ideal environment for IB-style learning. We also created exterior and interior signage, naming classrooms after famous places and historical figures, rather than plain old 3B. We’ve also been working on disruptive media campaigns, targeting working parents by advertising on coffee cups (in partnership with local cafés), and ticket barriers at local train stations.