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Having searched online for packaging design expertise, this China-based client approached us with an exciting project: to develop a strategy, name, identity, website and packaging for a new FMCG product. An importer and distributor of leading European food brands, they had decided to use their network of manufacturers to create and market their own homegrown brand of fresh fruit juices.

In order to appeal to high-end consumers with a refined sense of style, the Chinese company sought inspiration in Europe. Enter Grain! On one hand the English-language name is all about premium ‘squeezed’ fruit juice, but it’s also a fruity, tongue-in-cheek reference to somebody’s ‘main’ lover or ‘squeeze’. We created a clean, sophisticated and distinctly European palette for the packaging, ensuring that Main Squeeze stands out on supermarket shelves across Beijing and the surrounding regions.

Unfortunately, the Main Squeeze website is no longer operational. If you’d like to see our original design, simply click here.