Grain Creative

Iconic Brand Creation


A spark of inspiration for corporate innovation

Kiln is a new consulting firm with a creed: to fire up corporate innovation through trend intelligence. Their goal: to help businesses connect with their marketplace, develop stronger innovation capabilities, and respond profitably to change.

Invited to create a visual identity and website, we sought to express Kiln’s personality – empathetic, dynamic and committed. Generated by Kiln’s founders, the company name suggests sparking creativity and forging new ideas. Seeing an opportunity to harness this energy in the logo, we sourced a photo of a red-hot kiln and deconstructed it digitally into 20 colours to ensure consistent and effective reproduction, both in print and online.

Inspired by Kiln’s ‘IdeaKeg’ innovation kits – which are sent to subscribers every 6 weeks – the supporting visual palette features traditional brown ‘parcel’ paper and address labels. Complementing the logotype’s energy, this palette introduces a calmer, more tangible quality, particularly online. Built in WordPress to allow client control of the content management system, the website highlights Kiln’s interrelated innovation products while profiling the company’s combination of thought leadership and practical experience.

“It’s amazing when professional competence is matched by personal creativity. Grain Creative exceeded all expectations and delighted me with the final result.” – Gregg Fraley, Co-Founder, Kiln