We’re delighted to announce that we’re working on a number of projects with Kenwood, the iconic UK kitchen appliance brand.

Kenwood’s R&D boffins have always been an inventive bunch and guess what – they’ve been at it again. One of their latest creations combines a mixing bowl and a food processor in one handy appliance, providing all the attachments and gadgets required to slice, chop, grate, whisk, beat and mix. Before it could hit the shops and win its award, Kenwood needed a new name for their product: enter Grain Creative. Having developed a strategy for the product we devised the name, MultiOne, and a strapline – “one solution for everything”.

Grain also worked on naming another of Kenwood’s products – a compact food processor which will not only prepare your food, but can also cook or steam it too! Grain created the name, kCook, for this beautifully designed one-pot solution.

Drawing on our strategic and naming expertise, both projects involved a great deal of legal manoeuvring. Working with Kenwood’s in-house legal team, we made sure the names would be unique across the brand’s global marketplace, while communicating the product’s multiple uses to consumers for whom English is a second or third language.