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A laptop bag quite unlike any other

A property developer based in Moscow, Horus approached us with a rather interesting proposition. Acting on the recommendation of Nick Bell Design, their CEO asked us to create a high-end gift for their clients: a laptop bag. However, rather than apply their new identity to an off-the-shelf laptop bag, they wanted something extraordinary.

We designed and developed a number of prototypes, exploring structural possibilities like hidden compartments, detachable elements and straps to secure the laptop bag to carry-on luggage. However, the fun really began when we started experimenting with solar energy, lights and reflective materials.

We considered integrating solar power, making it easier to recharge laptops on the go. We explored the integration of materials such as Swarovski crystals and light technologies including LED and optical fibres, weaving them into patterns. We also experimented with a type of fluorescent lighting developed for emergency situations on aeroplanes: a high-tech system that can glow in the dark for up to 16 hours.