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Elizabeth Emanuel

Elizabeth Emanuel is widely regarded as one of fashion’s pre-eminent designers. With her husband, David Emanuel, she designed the wedding dress worn in 1981 by Diana, Princess of Wales, and seen by a global TV audience of 750 million people. She has since created designs for her own label, uniforms for Virgin Atlantic, costumes for television, pop videos and cinema, and couture for the world’s most famous women.

Seeking the funds required to launch her new label, Art of Being, Elizabeth asked Grain to design the visual identity and website. The aim: to create a strong profile for the new fashion brand, raise awareness and encourage investment.

Led by the logo’s calligraphic swirls, the identity has an elegant and distinctly feminine tone. The circular symbol at the top of the logo is a flexible device, serving as both a monogram and favicon. The interim website is simple and user-friendly, providing easy access to information required to showcase Elizabeth’s work and attract the necessary investment. Watch this space for further news.