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Refreshed identity and social media support for yoga products

Based in London, Agoy create products inspired by the belief that anyone and everyone can benefit from yoga. Having defined the core values of the Agoy brand – quality, style, and a healthy, holistic lifestyle – we adapted their visual identity accordingly, developing a warmer palette and applying it across packaging and point-of-sale.

We replaced the severe white of their packaging with a subtler, more welcoming off-white. The logo was transformed, its primary hues making way for a new palette of sophisticated, organic hues. A cleaner typographic language was introduced to improve clarity and on-shelf impact, with soy-based inks and 100% recycled paper supporting Agoy’s green credentials.

Our solution is also cost effective, reducing the amount of materials required to package each item, while transport packaging is now made with biodegradable cornstarch plastics. The packaging for Agoy’s yoga bags proved particularly successful, with some clever cardboard engineering solving the problem of how to package an unstructured product in a manner befitting the brand.

“Working with Grain has been great and we have always got what we wanted and often more.” — Howard Napper, Creative Director, Agoy